Eco Wave Wins Frost and Sullivan Award

David Leb’s latest endeavor, Eco Wave Power, has won the prestigious 2012 European Frost and Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation. The Israel-based company received this award for its technology, which uses the motion of ocean waves to generate electrical power. Frost and Sullivan recognized David Leb’s work because his company is the first in the wave power industry to achieve a good balance between energy production and durability.

David Leb has calculated that purchasers of an Eco Wave system should recoup their investment within three to six years, depending on the price per kwh of the electricity. He expects the systems to last about 30 years. The company has produced two designs: the Wave Clapper and the Power Wing. The decision of which generating station to purchase should be based on geography and customer need. Eco Wave is currently involved in extensive tests of the technology, which could revolutionize the market for clean, renewable sources of electricity. Villages in remote coastal regions in the developing world may especially benefit from Eco Wave technologies; on-site energy production would require minimal infrastructure.