David Leb presents at the Blue Energy Workshop in the UK

Recently David Leb, the Founder of Eco Wave Power, spoke at the Blue Energy Workshop in England. With its innovative designs, Eco Wave Power provides clean energy at rates competitive with even traditional methods of energy production.

At the forum, Mr. Leb gave a presentation about the potential implementation of the company’s products in ports across Europe. Such an implementation would not only reduce harmful emissions and lower the ports’ already-high carbon footprints, but it would also have at least two beneficial effects for shipping terminals. The first would be a boost to a port’s and city’s eco-friendly profile, which has the potential to enhance its eco-tourism income. Secondly, simply by virtue of their placement in and around harbors, the floaters can reduce the negative impact of wave motion on the local environment by absorbing much of a wave’s erosive power.

It is unclear whether port representatives will engage Eco Wave Power’s services, but the presentation ended with many seeking out Mr. Leb to arrange future conversations.


Eco Wave Power

Eco Wave Power recently won the 2012 European Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation. The company, which was founded by David Leb, has designed a system of floaters that are able to harness the kinetic energy locked in the very motion of our ocean currents. This proprietary technology has been developed to address the substantial challenges to wave power implementation. With minimal material located below water level, the system allows for easy access for maintenance and a reduction in the damage that can occur from both excessive wave height and force, as well as the damage caused by submersion in corrosive salt water. The company’s team of engineers recently established a medium scale power plant on the Black Sea.

Frost & Sullivan have been supporting innovators like Eco Wave Power and its Founder, David Leb, for over 50 years. With traditional methods of power generation coming under fire because of the toxic emissions produced by materials such as coal, the potential for wave energy to supplement or replace such methods with clean and renewable access to power makes them attractive to both investors and government policymakers alike.