David Leb presents at the Blue Energy Workshop in the UK

Recently David Leb, the Founder of Eco Wave Power, spoke at the Blue Energy Workshop in England. With its innovative designs, Eco Wave Power provides clean energy at rates competitive with even traditional methods of energy production.

At the forum, Mr. Leb gave a presentation about the potential implementation of the company’s products in ports across Europe. Such an implementation would not only reduce harmful emissions and lower the ports’ already-high carbon footprints, but it would also have at least two beneficial effects for shipping terminals. The first would be a boost to a port’s and city’s eco-friendly profile, which has the potential to enhance its eco-tourism income. Secondly, simply by virtue of their placement in and around harbors, the floaters can reduce the negative impact of wave motion on the local environment by absorbing much of a wave’s erosive power.

It is unclear whether port representatives will engage Eco Wave Power’s services, but the presentation ended with many seeking out Mr. Leb to arrange future conversations.


David Leb Profiled in CEOCFO Magazine

The June 18, 2012, issue of CEOCFO magazine carried a profile of entrepreneur David Leb. Leb is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Eco Wave Power Company. At Eco Wave, he oversees the work of scientists and engineers who have developed a new method for turning the motion of waves into electrical power.

Waves contain an enormous amount of kinetic energy, but until recently engineers could not find a cost-effective way to transform the movement into electricity. David Leb’s company recently tested a medium-scale generating station on the Black Sea. The device successfully produced electricity and withstood several storms. Eco Wave’s next goal is to deploy the stations to locations around the globe in order to prove that they work for all sorts of coastal areas. After the next round of tests, the company will build and evaluate a commercial-scale generating station.

David Leb sees a lot of potential for his designs. They could provide electricity to isolated villages in the developing world. Wave power is the ultimate clean and renewable energy source, and Leb plans to bring it to the world.

Eco Wave Wins Frost and Sullivan Award

David Leb’s latest endeavor, Eco Wave Power, has won the prestigious 2012 European Frost and Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation. The Israel-based company received this award for its technology, which uses the motion of ocean waves to generate electrical power. Frost and Sullivan recognized David Leb’s work because his company is the first in the wave power industry to achieve a good balance between energy production and durability.

David Leb has calculated that purchasers of an Eco Wave system should recoup their investment within three to six years, depending on the price per kwh of the electricity. He expects the systems to last about 30 years. The company has produced two designs: the Wave Clapper and the Power Wing. The decision of which generating station to purchase should be based on geography and customer need. Eco Wave is currently involved in extensive tests of the technology, which could revolutionize the market for clean, renewable sources of electricity. Villages in remote coastal regions in the developing world may especially benefit from Eco Wave technologies; on-site energy production would require minimal infrastructure.

Eco Wave Power

Eco Wave Power recently won the 2012 European Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation. The company, which was founded by David Leb, has designed a system of floaters that are able to harness the kinetic energy locked in the very motion of our ocean currents. This proprietary technology has been developed to address the substantial challenges to wave power implementation. With minimal material located below water level, the system allows for easy access for maintenance and a reduction in the damage that can occur from both excessive wave height and force, as well as the damage caused by submersion in corrosive salt water. The company’s team of engineers recently established a medium scale power plant on the Black Sea.

Frost & Sullivan have been supporting innovators like Eco Wave Power and its Founder, David Leb, for over 50 years. With traditional methods of power generation coming under fire because of the toxic emissions produced by materials such as coal, the potential for wave energy to supplement or replace such methods with clean and renewable access to power makes them attractive to both investors and government policymakers alike.