David Leb Profiled in CEOCFO Magazine

The June 18, 2012, issue of CEOCFO magazine carried a profile of entrepreneur David Leb. Leb is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Eco Wave Power Company. At Eco Wave, he oversees the work of scientists and engineers who have developed a new method for turning the motion of waves into electrical power.

Waves contain an enormous amount of kinetic energy, but until recently engineers could not find a cost-effective way to transform the movement into electricity. David Leb’s company recently tested a medium-scale generating station on the Black Sea. The device successfully produced electricity and withstood several storms. Eco Wave’s next goal is to deploy the stations to locations around the globe in order to prove that they work for all sorts of coastal areas. After the next round of tests, the company will build and evaluate a commercial-scale generating station.

David Leb sees a lot of potential for his designs. They could provide electricity to isolated villages in the developing world. Wave power is the ultimate clean and renewable energy source, and Leb plans to bring it to the world.