About David Leb

Interested in renewable forms of energy, David Leb founded Eco Wave Power. The company develops proprietary technology that extracts energy from ocean waves and converts it into usable forms, such as electricity. Through EWP’s technology, cities and countries around the globe can receive their power through wave energy solutions rather than cost-prohibitive and finite fossil fuels. EWP became the first wave energy company to earn the 2012 Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award in recognition of its advancements in wave energy.

Taking marketing to a new level, David Leb patented a system of advertising on broad, exposed areas of the human body, such as the upper back and shoulder regions. His patents cover the placement of smudge-proof and perspiration-resistant washable tattoos on boxers, ultimate fighters, swimmers, beach volleyball players, and platform divers. The henna tattoos are also appropriate for triathletes, professional wrestlers, and kickboxers. Restricting the advertisements to those consisting of URL and domain names, trademarks, service marks, logos, and slogans, David Leb’s patents also allow promotion of online-wagering services. The first such advertisement, applied in the form of a henna tattoo, appeared on the back of boxer Félix Trinidad in his 2001 match against Bernard Hopkins.

David Leb also shares a patent for TriviaMania.com, an online system allowing users to engage in trivia-based games for virtual and real money, in both multi-player tournaments and individual challenges. With this site, David Leb and his partner created a system that allows participants to communicate with each other until a question appears, at which point all discussion is closed. David Leb’s system protects the means for enrolling in games, delivering questions, placing wagers, assessing the accuracy of responses, paying winners through stored accounts, and collecting the TriviaMania.com commission.

In addition to his work as an inventor, David Leb serves as an online marketing consultant, creating campaigns and events for Gaming Websites. He also owns a Panamanian surf camp, Rancho Estero, located near Santa Catalina and overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Featuring six cabanas that sleep one to three people each, Rancho Estero provides its guests with television, free Internet access, hammocks, chaise lounges, and a tropical ambiance, as well as comfortable beds and fresh towels. David Leb renovated Rancho Estero in 2010.

David Leb is Montreal Canadiens and Guy LaFleur fan who enjoys watching hockey. A resident of Panama City since 2006, he takes pleasure in outdoor activities such as traveling, hiking, and both traditional and stand-up paddle surfing.



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