Earth Day Test Run: David Leb

On April 12th, 2012, celebrating Earth Day, alternative-energy production from wave power achieved a significant advancement. In testing the installation of Eco Wave Power’s revolutionary design on the coast of the Black Sea, known for stormy conditions and high waves, the overwhelming success of the new technology’s features is a celebrated victory.

Installing the Power Wing and Wave Clapper designs on existing piers and wave breaks allows the mechanical portion of the devices to remain out of the water, lessening the risk of marine life’s exposure to chemicals, while in-water buoys position the main component to harness maximum potential energy. Additional advantages over previous wave-energy devices include the storm-protection feature, which retracts the “clappers” from the water, preventing damage during extreme weather conditions. A fully operational power system, producing 5Kw or more per device, is planned as the next stage in development along the Black Sea.

About the Author: David Leb, founder of Eco Wave Power, is the investor and patent holder of the Power Wing and Wave Clapper designs. Awarded the 2012 Frost & Sullivan New Product Award, these designs herald the future of wave-related alternative energy.